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Beautiful mens human hair wig

CAD $375.00



Your toupee hair piece is tailor-made for you, we need to make your head ready for a perfect fit.
Step 1: You should design the area above your head to create a smooth surface (cut off all the hair), and then paste the adhesive here.
Step 2: Adhesive (glue or tape) is applied to the scalp and skin / Or a toupee hair pieces. (all our adhesives are certified, non-toxic, anti allergic and harmless to the skin)
Step 3: First gently press the tip of the system to the center of the forehead, and then slowly continue to press the system in a gradual roll back manner, ensuring that both sides of the system are even until they are completely fixed to the back, covering the entire shaving area.

1 review for Beautiful mens human hair wig

  1. Virya

    Extremely beautiful wig with high quality and neat finishing🙂

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