Children Two step frontal braided wig, comfortable cornrow braid wig for kids

CAD $275.00



Materials: Dome cap, Lace frontal, elastic band, Beads, Kanekalon Hair, wig comb

Easy Wear for Little Girls : A little child would style her Cornrow wig to look gorgeous within minutes just as she would wear a beanie. The handmade wig are neatly braided to cover the exposure of the wig cap, so no further styling manipulation is needed.

*Comfortable fit on the head: The wig cap size would fit an average kid’s head measuring 19 inches to 20.5 inches. It is molded as a Glue less wig and comes with an adjustable Velcro wig band, so your little princess doesn’t have to worry about the wig falling off or it slipping.

*Lightweight braided wig: This children’s wig is made with about 350 grams of soft lightweight kanekalon braiding air, which makes them lightweight, making the wig a comfortable head accessory for everyday wear for kids with Alopecia.

*No skin irritation: The braid strands are made with soft synthetic hair extensions and all extra loose hair on braid strands are trimmed off and softened with heat, to avoid irritation when in contact with the skin.
Perfect for any Occasion: Unlike a hat or turban, this braided wig makes a child going through hair loss feel beautiful and confident, as such, it could be worn to different such as, the place of worship, school, birthday party, holiday or for daily use. They are also perfect as costume for school activities.


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