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Huile white now serum 100ml-Triple Action

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Huile white  now serum 125ml


Huile white now the super whitening oil white now is highly enriched with vitamins e and fruits acids derived from carrots which remove all skin imperfections and impurities. The whitening action is reinforced up to three times with the help of plant acids. The effect of white now are visible in 03days. The complex formula of white now hydrates and nourishes the skin, reduces black heads, reduces skin ageing effects and leaves the skin clear, beautiful and in good health.

2 reviews for Huile white now serum 100ml-Triple Action

  1. Sineoster

    Purchased for the purpose of mixing it with my cream. This serum is so effective and fast acting. Shipping was fast.

  2. Sally

    Thanks received; recommend

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