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Organic Emergency Whitening Set

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Deliveries are free in Canada City from 1 to 4 business days and anywhere in Canada for an express delivery time of 3 to 7 days. Other countries are 7 days to  10 days

Glow effortless with Melaclear Secret range of beauty complexion body lotions is richly formulated to give you that pure whitening effect on the skin.It is carefully designed to moisturize the skin,help diminish the appearance of visible spots,dullness and discolouration.Discover a fabulous flawless look and feel after just one application of this remarkable,effective product.

lt is very safe and suitable for all skin types with guaranteed results within 7days Clear Pimples,Acne, sunburn,Stretch Mark,Dark spots,Knuckles&Others Range of products: Halfcast lotion whitening lotion Snow White lotion whitening face cream whitening oil Halfcast Molato and soap.

1 review for Organic Emergency Whitening Set

  1. Tina

    First time getting this lighting set. I followed the instructions. I used all set 2 times a having good experience with the set..

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