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Piment Doux Concentrate Fruit Serum

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Piment Doux Concentrate Fruit Serum treats most dark spots, it effectively helps renew dead skin layers. Brightens the skin immediately and assures a lengthy and durable protection. It helps remove dark spots on the skin, lightens very fast and gives a clearer skin tone. Can be used to treat Dark Knuckles, Feet, Elbows, Knees, Inner thighs, Under arms and Buttocks. Directions: Apply on affected areas, rub into skin till it’s fully absorbed and leave to dry. It can also be mixed with lightening creams/lotion to get an even.


1 review for Piment Doux Concentrate Fruit Serum

  1. Diana

    As soon as I put this on my face felt/looked fresher than a baby coming out the womb! It’s my first try so I’ll come with another review later but so far I love it! I 1000000% recommend this shop I will defiantly be ordering everything this shop has to sell. Thank you so much 😫😍🫶🏽

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