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Veet Whitening Face Serum and Soap


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Veet Gold Facial Serum Multiple Treatment


Veetgold strong whitening facial treatment serum gives dramatic, visible whitening to your skin. It erases scars age spots, dark patches, and uneven skin tone, all while deeply moisturizing your skin with nourishing.

Veet Whitening Soap👆
Fades away brown pigmentation spots, blemishes, freckles, dark spots. With regular use it will give you an even toned natural fairer skin. Contains natural fairness ingredients and enriched moisturizers for PROBLEMATIC SKIN. Plus SPF protection to block out the damaged sun darkening rays. RESULTS: Smoother, Fairer, Beautiful and more Glowing youthful face/skin. Dermatologist Recommended.
Wash face with soap. Dry face with towel. Then apply serum. Two times a day to get a flawless skin.

1 review for Veet Whitening Face Serum and Soap

  1. Sasha

    Thanks received and love it. It works great as combination. Recommend 😊

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